Who is Frank Cisco "STEEL"

Frank Cisco "STEEL" Anderson, a decorated Naval officer veteran who served in SOUTHCOM and the 7th fleet, you're welcome, hooyah!! He has musicality coursing through his veins, possibly partially inherited from his distant cousin, Cab Calloway, legendary 20th century American jazz master, and from his beloved mother, Sister Erma H. Anderson, regionally acclaimed evangelical singer and thesbian, and directly from his late father, Eldridge Anderson, a jazz guitarist and classically trained pianist...

Frank Cisco

His humility, modesty, and hard work ethic allowed him to attend George Washington University on scholarship, which began his legacy in music. Upon his completion of active duty service, following the Hurricane Katrina assist, Frank Cisco "STEEL" Anderson, a.k.a. DJ Cisco Castille, returned home to his beloved gorgeous Prince Georges County, MD, USA, and formed his entertainment company, Ellorenz Records, home of the internally acclaimed groups, such as STEEL and Chickahominy Vibe, Dem Boyz From Gorgeous and Cousins STEEL & Cortez. DJ Cisco Castille is also a voting member of the Grammy's, critically acclaimed, and winner of a few international film festival awards for best soundtrack/screenwrigt, WAMMIE nominations, and positive vibes brand ambassador. 

Judah Legacy

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